Spring-cleaning for landscape and outdoor environments

Spring-cleaning isn’t only for indoor living spaces. If you’ve got an outdoor living space, don’t neglect to clean it and prepare it for your outdoor entertainment. Spend a day or two working outside to clean your outdoor space and you’ll be able to enjoy it for the months to come.

Freshen your outdoor living space this spring with these tips:

Sweep and power wash your deck, patio and sidewalks. During the winter, leaves and dirt can easily pile up on surfaces outside. Start your outdoor spring-cleaning project by sweeping and power washing all outdoor surfaces.

Weed, mow and manicure your yard. Don’t neglect your yard, as it is a big part of your outdoor living space. Mow and edge your yard and get rid of any weeds that may have grown in your yard or in the cracks along your sidewalk.

Scrub and clean furniture, repaint if necessary. Give your furniture a once over with a scrub brush, if needed, to remove stubborn dirt and dust. If you have metal furniture that has rusted over the winter, scrub off the rust and coat each piece with a fresh coat of rust-resistant, outdoor paint.

Rearrange and update furniture. Just like you rearrange your indoor living room furniture every now and then, give your deck or patio a new look by rearranging your outdoor furniture. If your seat cushions have been stored outside during the winter, take them into the yard and hose them off to remove dust and dirt. Set them out in the sun to dry. Freshen the look of your outdoor living space with new throw pillows, rugs and even a blanket or two.

Revitalize wooden pieces. Treat your deck, wooden furniture and planter boxes with a fresh coat of wood stain to bring them back to life. Consider a rich stain color to add life to your backyard.

Safety inspection. If you have a deck, call an inspector out to take a look at the structure and inspect it for safety. You’ll want to be certain your deck is sturdy and stable for your outdoor cookouts, parties and gatherings this spring and summer!

Inspect lighting and install new light bulbs. Be sure your outdoor lights are working properly. Replace any burned out bulbs and inspect cords for any tears or other signs of wear. Electrical tape can be used to repair any worn electrical cords. If you have outdoor lamps, give them a fresh new look with new lampshades.

Prep the grill. Spray off the outside of your grill with your hose to remove any built up dirt and grime. Clean the inside, and be sure you’ve got a full tank of gas for your gas grill.

Lay a colorful tablecloth or runner on tables. Add a punch of color and have your outdoor tables always ready for guests with a brightly colored tablecloth or runner. Be sure to purchase fabrics specifically designed for outdoor use to help avoid fading or wear from the elements.

When you’re done with your outdoor spring-cleaning project, sit back and enjoy all your hard work. Invite a few friends over for a cookout and an evening enjoying the beautiful spring weather and your fresh, clean, comfortable outdoor space.

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