Spring Cleaning & Organizing

An organized, clutter-free home isn't just about appearance, it also reduces stress and opens you up to creativity and increased time for things that matter most. Spring-cleaning is a tradition in many American homes, as spring is the time we come out of "hibernation" from the winter, and seek a new, clean, fresh start. Cleaning and organizing your home is one way to feel refreshed and renewed.

Your home should not be a place that contributes to your stress; rather it should be a relaxing, comforting place for you and your family. Ready to make your home a place where your creativity has free reign and there is plenty of time for family, friends and hobbies? Get started on your spring-cleaning project with these tips:

Plan a time to clean: A true spring-cleaning project will take some time and should not be rushed. Set aside a weekend dedicated to cleaning. Take time to do a thorough job, and you’ll be more satisfied with the outcome.

Begin with a quick clean up: Go through each room in your home and put away stray items and get rid of clutter. Wash dishes, toss dirty laundry in the washer, or at least in a hamper. Put away clean clothes. Once your home is tidy, the deep cleaning and organizing can begin.

Organize: Take time to organize clothing and other items. Sort your clothes by season and style and organize them in your closet along with shoes and accessories. Important documents should be organized into a clearly labeled file system. Once that pile of papers has been neatly organized, it will be easier to add new documents to the file system, rather than simply tossing them into another pile. Organize junk drawers with a sorting tray or small baskets. Organization is key in knowing exactly where to find something when you need it.

Clean from the top down: Work your way through each room in your home, cleaning from the top down. Begin by dusting out of reach corners, light fixtures and ceiling fans. Knock down any cobwebs that may have formed during the winter. Dust and clean furniture working your way from the top down. Finish every room by cleaning the floors.

Detail cabinets and drawers: In your bathroom, clean out your makeup drawer, and wash any toothpaste or makeup residue from inside drawers. In your kitchen, empty out cabinets and drawers, wipe them out, and sort contents before returning them.

Clutter can stifle creativity, and get in the way of the things you really care about. A spring-cleaning and organizing project will free you up to be creative, and spent time with family and friends without the worry of cleaning your messy home.

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