Empty Nester: Purchasing your downsized dream home

Don't let the term "downsizing" get you down. Now that all your kids are grown and out of the home, you have the opportunity to purchase your true dream home. What are some of the characteristics of your dream home you’ve had to go without while raising a family? Have you had to exchange luxury for space?

If you’re sending your last child off to college and are ready to purchase your downsized dream home, here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Spring-cleaning for landscape and outdoor environments

Spring-cleaning isn’t only for indoor living spaces. If you’ve got an outdoor living space, don’t neglect to clean it and prepare it for your outdoor entertainment. Spend a day or two working outside to clean your outdoor space and you’ll be able to enjoy it for the months to come.

Freshen your outdoor living space this spring with these tips:

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Protecting your home against burglaries

Protecting your home against burglaries can be a difficult task. Over the past few years in the down economy, home break-ins and robberies have been on the rise. Learn to protect your neighborhood and your home from crime.

Tips for protecting your home against burglaries:

  • Know your neighbors. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and make every effort to keep watch out for each other.

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Spring Cleaning & Organizing

An organized, clutter-free home isn't just about appearance, it also reduces stress and opens you up to creativity and increased time for things that matter most. Spring-cleaning is a tradition in many American homes, as spring is the time we come out of "hibernation" from the winter, and seek a new, clean, fresh start. Cleaning and organizing your home is one way to feel refreshed and renewed.

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