Conquering a Challenging Real Estate Sale


Sold Property: 4448 Mockingbird Parkway, Dallas, TX 75205

Every realtor comes across a home now and then that, for some reason or another, can be a challenge to sell. When a difficult house comes along, rather than turn down the homeowners’ request for help, I always embrace the challenge. After all, the feeling you get from helping a family sell their difficult home couldn’t be more rewarding. A recent sale that required a bit more work than most was a home located in the highly sought-after University Park area.

This charming English Tudor was just a little larger than 1100 square feet and had three bedrooms with only one bathroom, making the home quite a bit smaller than most of the neighboring homes. The total lot size, however, was 7,500 square feet, leaving plenty of room for potential renovations or additions. Many homes in the University Park area that were similar to this Mockingbird Parkway property had been recently sold at an average price of $337,500. The size and bathroom count on the Mockingbird Parkway Tudor were the culprits of making this home a challenge. Many families seeking property in the University Park area look for houses that have at least two bathrooms, with one of these bathrooms offering privacy for the master suite. Though the home featured several updates such as, hardwood floors, crisp new paint pallets, and a fireplace, the value of the property as a whole was really in the land, which led me to ask for more than the average price point of similar homes. Within five months of the owners and I listing the home, a buyer came along who shared my vision of the opportunities that the property offered. The house was move-in ready so the new owner had an opportunity to enjoy the home as long as they liked before a major remodeling or even a complete demolition and rebuild.

The size of the home and the lack of bathroom privacy for families made it crucial to emphasize the opportunities that the property itself offered to new buyers. The property was a perfect candidate for a tear down/rebuild. The new owners of the property would have the freedom to build their dream home in a highly desirable area in Dallas. The previous owners and I were very excited when we had four offers on the house in less than two weeks. The property sold quickly and in all cash for $635,000. This home is proof that challenging homes can be extremely rewarding. It’s important for realtors to be confident in their abilities and step up to the plate when a potential problem home comes along. Find the value in every home, make others see it, and conquer the challenging sell.

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