Ten Quick Tips for Preparing Your Home for Sale


Putting your home up for sale requires some work, and sometimes knowing exactly what to do to prepare for a sale can be difficult. Here is a list of 10 quick tips for preparing your home for sale.

1) Clean up and make it shine! A spotless and clean smelling home is always better than the alternative. One tip for creating a fresh clean scent is adding a little bit of scented cleaner to water in the kitchen sink before each showing — just be sure to drain the sink before the potential buyers arrive.

2) Clean the clutter. Make sure that all of the floors are clutter free (including floors in the closets). Clutter can make a room seem smaller than it actually is, so put everything away to show off a room’s full size and potential.

3) Get your books in a row! Straighten up bookcases, closets, and the laundry room. Make sure that you dust between the books and hang each item in your closets neatly when tidying up.

4) Give your pantry a makeover. Make sure that your pantry is well organized by cleaning and lining the shelves and grouping common or related items.

5) Bring in some color. If every wall in your home is white, you need to do some updating. White walls can give your home an institutional look. Incorporate some warm neutral tones like tans and beiges or accent certain walls with a pop of color that will catch the potential buyer’s eye.

6) How to frame it? Remove your framed photos from bookshelves and tables and be wary of hallways with picture frame-lined walls. These picture frames should be removed and you should fill in any holes and repaint the walls to give your home a fresh, clean, and uncluttered feel.

7) Clean up for the kids. Make your children’s beds and neatly put away all of their toys and books on the correct shelves and in the proper toy bins or baskets to reinforce that clean, uncluttered feel.

8) Spruce up the bathrooms. Bathrooms are a crucial piece of home sale preparations. They must be absolutely spotless. Be sure that there are no toys in the bathtubs, towels are neatly hung or folded, and shampoos and body washes are well organized. It’s important that your bathroom smells as clean as it looks and ALWAYS make sure there are no rings in the toilets.

9) Clean up the lawn. Make sure that your yard is always neatly manicured. Remove any dead flowers, bushes, or other plants and replace them with fresh brightly colored new ones. It always helps to have a few potted plants near the front door or on the porch too. The outside appearance is the gate for approval.

10) Take the indoors out. Create a good patio space for entertaining by cleaning all outdoor furniture and making sure there are fresh flowers in any decorative patio pots.

A helpful hint to families with children: It may be wise to purchase a few extra clothes hampers for your home. When everyone is leaving for work or school grab all of the items left on the floor and throw them into the hamper (clothes, toys, books, etc.). You can also do this if you are at home relaxing and receive a call asking for a last minute showing. All of the clutter from the floor goes into the hampers, and the hampers go with the family to the car. This is a simple fix for busy families.

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